Demons Are Real! Read Amy’s True Story

Posted on July 26, 2007. Filed under: After Death, Demons, haunted house |

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Amy had an experience with a Demon in ,Connecticut in the United States in 1986. Here is her story:

Many things occurred during my fifteen years living in this house. The one particular event that I am going to tell you about was one of the scariest that did occur. It was very frightening. We lived in a two-bedroom house, my mom and my 5-year-old brother were sleeping demons.pngin one room and I was asleep in the other. Around 3:00 am I bolted upright in my bed because I heard the loudest, weirdest noise that I have ever heard in my life. It almost sounded like a car crash although it was coming from inside the house. I sat in my bed with my heart pounding in my chest unable to catch my breath. The noise lasted about 1 minute but it seemed to go on forever, to this day I cannot forget the sound. I got out of the bed and looked out my window, I couldn’t figure out if I had been dreaming or what. I didn’t see anything out the window, I opened my bedroom door and didn’t see anything either. I got back into bed and after my heart rate calmed down was able to fall back into a restless sleep.The next morning my mom said to me “Did you hear that noise last night?” I said “yes” and then she preceded to tell me that right before that noise had happened, my 5-year-old brother had woken up my mom and told her that his feet were burning, that someone was burning his feet and then he changed his voice and said “Mommy, someone told me to GO TELL YOUR MOTHER” and then he clung onto her neck and cried. Then the noise came .She said that it had come from near her door, so we looked at her door and were shocked at what we saw. Three long, deep scratches were in the door but were not there before. We were terrified. We never said anything to my brother until about 5 years ago (he is now 21). My mom hoped that in time he would forget the episode. Other things that happened were minor in comparison. The toilet would flush all the time by itself, the telephone cord would swing round and round, and we would wake up in the morning and all of the doors would be wide open. We finally moved out, but I will never forget what happened.”

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47 Responses to “Demons Are Real! Read Amy’s True Story”

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wooahh that is some scary shit! I never had an experince like that! And I hope I never will…

oh snap! Thats sucks for you. But I have seen a ghost before. It was scary for a while, but then I just forgot about it! But if something scratched down my dowor I would be like what the F*** and then take my baseball bat and beat the shit who ever is on the other side!

that is weird. I have also had a very similar experience with a very similar type of “loud” noise. The way you explained your noise is almost exactly like what my friend and I were woken up by one night around 2-3 am. The sound came from the guest bedroom down what we call the “hallway of activity”. My roomate stayed in that room and said he never noticed anything weird. All my cats have “seen” something down that hall they do not like! I have also seen bright blue lights flash from near the ceiling. I have also seen “slithering” smoke trails floating around the house that seem to disappear when you come up to them, and then re-appear when you get a couple of feet back. I can go on and on for hours about all the stuff my family and I have seen or experienced.


Hey there I just started a paranormal research blog on wordpress. thought you might enjoy it or wish to contribute.

I am a Christian demonologist and believe what you experienced was in fact a demonic visitation. All the signs are there, the loud screaming noise, the child given a message, also the other physical manifestations around the house. Please e-mail me so that I can pray for you and MAKE SURE NOTHING LIKE THIS EVER HAPPENS AGAIN. My e-mail is:

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need moreon this

As my polls grabbed and cussed her slinky ectasy through the cautionary shorts, I looked into her dots and asked, What do you want, Riya? Pam seemed to vocalize orally also.


wow thats trippy-but what the hell is that picture of?

Hi my name is michael. I have heard about this stuff before. You said that you woke up around 3:00. this is intersting because 3:00 am is called the dead time.
Dead time is when Jesus died acorrding to the bible.
well it also the time when demons are very active because they are mocking God by mmocking the time when Jesus died which was 3:00. Hope this might have answered some unasked questions.

wow…that’s sucks….i have my own experiance with things like that…it’s ben running in the family for 400 years now…but what really help is nowing that when there is a bad thing there is also a good gosts, some of them are not here to hurt us but to protict us..and i know that cus i have my own gardian angel(my grandfather)he isben with me sisnce i was 5yrs old…and from the things i’ve seen i should be a mess…buthe thout me how to deal with them…and i’m thankfull forthat..


Holy crap! thats pretty crepy shit! thanks for sharing, Hey was that a real photo! and i have had an experiance before too, one time i was playing b-ball in my backyard and i heard someone say very nicely to quiet down, but the thing is i lived in an open field with no neighbors, and it was like right behind me too.

damb, swear, somtimes i wish i could torcher these bastards for all the hell they put us throu, wonder if there is a way, somtimes id like to go there see one and do something chaotic i dear not speak, lets just say physcopatic, on one, wonder if that stuffs works, if not id like to find a way or somethin

If u go to your room or something and u hear something take a photo of the area then if it is a demon it will show it by showing u the demon if it is a ghost it will leave dots and if it is an angel it will leave a white glare

btw, watch out for the bastards they have it in for ppl that have been messed with once before, they tend to follow em or stay in a paticular area or somthin, u sure there was no witchcraft or anything going on there

I think you might have just had a bad dream. No big deal. Trust me! I’ve studied and know all about demonic counters. Demons are not allowed to come in contact with humans and leave phsyical evidences… Trust me I know.

Ive seen the exact same thing! so has my freind and the more we talk about it the more itcomes to us! and ive had my cat freak out like it was telling me something!

I need help! im totally freaked email is

It,s no’t Reel

Is this funking reel

I just want to no

ok so me and my freind have this mark and it seems to keep them away? why?

i know what you went through i have been
personaly attacked by a demon it is the scariest thing i have ever encountered, seeing that thing hang above my head and i didnt know what to do and i realized something its a demon and it knows it can break people and i shut my slef off to it and it let me be. it is stil in the house
but i have learned to live with it tho

there may have been history in the house that you
may have not been aware of, someone could have
done bad magic or something that irritated the
demon, thats one of the things i can think of i
know a lot about demons so contact me if you have any unanswered questions, comments and or concerns
about this event

Did see it you,er self

sorry i forgot to leave you my email: dont be shy i can help

Its good that you moved out, though you should consider that those demons may continue to haunt you.

sorry about this… when u r reading this dont stop or something bad will happen! my name is summer i am 15 years old i have blonde hair ,many scars no nose or ears.. i am dead. if u dont copy this just like from the ring, copy n post this on 5 more sites.. or.. i will appear one dark quiet night when ur not expecting it by your bed with a knife and kill u. this is no joke something good will happen to u if you post this on 5 more pages

damn no effence i love evil crazy stuff like that i wish i would expriced it and i would be scared shitless but yea that be kewl im so evil lol

hey my name is hugo castaneda ughh
i had a similar experience
when i was 7 years old and my little brother was like 2 we were living in ana apartment with my mom and step dad
my step dad would go to work
at night time
and my mom and my little brothher would sleep together in the same room , 1 night
i heard a noise come from the living room
. it was around 2 in the morning
nobody woke up
i was really scared. the noise was an opening of a door . my step dad was at work . and everyone was asleep .
i didn{t say anything . i got up and fell to the floor i looked straight ahead what i saw when i glanced to see what was there was a goat leg and a chicken leg .
the legs were red.
it was standing still not moving. i was just staring . really scared . I went back to my bed and tried to go to sleep but i couldnt because there was a noise at the door like if some1 was scratching it . that morning i told my mom and step dad they ignored me . i looked at the door there were scratches that werent there the day before .

This is real bescause I my older brother and I saw something like this in the hallway of our old house only there was an entire line of them ,lined up to the lenon closet, Now that I think of it one even tryed to poses my body ,and would torment my then dog “toby” god rest his soul.I’m still in therapy because of this experience.

i gotta say this….. even if it is a demon.. they have rules they can hurt u but they may not kill you. BUT the catch is they can cause “ACCIDENTS”…. just thought I would share that

hey a demon can hert u if you prai they don’t do nothing to u but if u stay and look at him he would kill you or hertu in just les than a minut so u have to be causius

that isnt a real demon darling. Ive seen real demons and they arent little goblin sized. xD

wow i would of been freaked out

hey that cool in three years i’m goint to be a devil hunter so i give u my e-mail if something is happen or it’s happening ok i hope and u send me a message

that is really creepy, i’ve had some wierd things happen to me in my life,but never that wierd.

hi my name is sarah and that is scary i would have called the ghost people

i think its a very convincing story but why would a demon burn feet?

your so stupid if you think that i would believe you so demons are either true or untrue donna no

what a pile of bullshit

wow that is scary so scary i wont be able to sleep tonight… i think that’s a very true indeed……love the story

Awesome post ! Cheers for, visiting my blog mate! I shall email you some time! I didnt know that!

i want to syudy the bible

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